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God is breathing on a new breed of authors. He has put a book inside of you. You have an assignment from heaven. God is releasing genuine fire and oil on you to write. The words you will write are not just for you. They are promises, breakthroughs, and answers for entire generations. All to the Lamb who sits on the throne. It’s time to settle who you are. It’s time to embrace God’s call to be His messenger. It’s time to unlock that book. It’s time.

What other course members are saying

This has been the BEST investment I have made in the assignment that God has given me. The idea of writing a book was overwhelming to me, but this family has taken me by the hand and walked me through the process, step by step. The mentoring is both anointed and practical. The friendships I have made here alone, is priceless.
— Meliza Farndell | Course Member
These guys are on a whole other level! Classes They are empowering writers with the tools and resources they need to fulfill God’s assignment for lives.
— Michael Wettrich | Course Member
I cannot recommend it enough! I had already started writing my first book when I joined, but I got STUCK right at the end. I discovered this at the perfect time. I will FOREVER be grateful for all the help I've received!
— Tammy Hernandez | Course Member
I've signed up for many writing courses. This is the first that has done what they promised in every category. They have amazing mentors, give great tips and guides in the nuts and bolts of writing but leave you room to discover your own voice.
— Angie Maxwell Stumbo | Course Member
After receiving several prophetic words over period of 3-4 years from different men and women in different areas of the country I finally decided to start writing. They made this journey so much fun and I have learned so much about the process of writing.
— Chuck Denningham | Course Member
I've been told so many times I should write a book because my life story is so eye opening and powerful. But the thought of writing it myself was quite the obstacle. I decided to take the plunge and the very thing I was struggling with, which was doing it alone with no experience, melted away with every session.
— Matthew G Turner Sr | Course Member
They have helped me on my way to become a messenger. Writing is my heart desire, but I felt stuck to get it out. The team reached out their hand and helped me to find my way.
— Ella Legan | Course Member
Not only have I been mentored but also discipled, prayed over, encouraged, had words spiritually spoken into me, and so much more. It’s not a “don’t call me, I’ll call you” relationship. They are there in person daily to help and guide and give advice.
— Shirley Chancellor | Course Member
This has been so good, and honestly over expectation. "Unlocking" is exactly what it is. I am so thankful for this, and the timeliness of it.
— Melicia Evans | Course Member
What the mentors have been pouring out into us has been amazing. The love and the support they bring is truly God breathed.
— Kelley Ewing | Course Member
The teaching modules are faith filled and are packed with tangible applicable principles and information.
— Karen Richard | Course Member
Every message from this group has been confirmation and encouraging to move forward in the writing I believe God has given me to do!
— Francine Michaels | Course Member
Unlocking Your Book guides and challenges, taking one from desire to finisher with an awesome group that gets results.
— Mary Wills | Course Member
Sign up right now, and you''re life will change! You are an author! Go for it!
— Linda Honea | Course Member
I’ve received so much so far. I’ve written more since Thanksgiving than I have in 2 years. This mentorship is worth the investment.
— Andrea Klanderud | Course Member
I have invested in several programs in an attempt to get the resources I need to get my message out there. But, this is program is exactly what I have been looking for!
— Walker Dorman | Course Member
This is one-to-one mentoring, in-depth prolonged teaching. The price is phenomenal for this kind of comprehensive help.
— Martha Gibbons | Course Member
It inspired me to unlock my book, and I did!
— Kathi Hole | Course Member
I never would have considered writing a book until I came across this tool. This mentoring program helps to unlock the value and worth of each individual part.
— Jennifer Allio | Course Member
This course provides a phenomenal spectrum of information for writers of all levels. I’ve found perspective that my voice matters and that I need to steward well the message that God has given me.
— Erin Good Miranda | Course Member
I had no idea the level of support I was going to receive when Holy Spirit prompted me to sign up for the mentoring. The team is amazing ~ not only knowledgeable and encouraging, but incredibly authentic, fun and patient! Best decision I've made in a long time!!
— Glenda Bigalky | Course Member
This has given me the courage and the confidence to sit in God's presence and let the book flow out of my heart. It has become much more simple than I realized and I am in awe of the process. I feel God's joy and know He has broken a new barrier in me. I had no idea I was an author, but I am!
— Chara Presley | Course Member
Being part of this thriving community is such a blessing The content exceeded my expectations.and the plethora of mentors were real about their struggles and successes. Always increasing and growing in wisdom and understanding of the process.
— Joy Sands | Course Member
They are a safe family who have aided unlocking my long-standing vision, life’s message and calling. They are a tribe for such a time as this pioneering online publishing literally just before the world was forced online. They dig out treasure and polish it with care.
— Jo Colyer | Course Member
All my questions are being answered, I am receiving the help I desperately needed, my second book has been unlocked and the manuscript has been submitted in such a short time ...WOW! God has used this to unlock me and what he has called me to do for him.
— Janene Maree Forlong | Course Member
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How can you embrace the call of God to be His messenger and unlock the book you need to write?

Who Are You? It is time to settle who you are, not who you hope to be, not who you hope other people see you to be, but who you are and why you’re doing what you are doing.

Neil T. Anderson said…“The more you reaffirm who you are in Christ, the more your behavior will begin to reflect your true identity.”

Billy Graham wrote…“Christ taught that in the sight of God one soul is worth the entire materialistic world! In God’s sight, the individual is all-important. When Christ calls a man to follow Him, He calls him “out” from the “group.” Christ can fill the vacuums. He can restore your personal identity. He can become the truth to your generation.”

It can actually be a real challenge to settle your identity in Christ. As you say yes to being a messenger for God, it can be a struggle to get real and ask yourself, “Hey, who am I? Am I missing this thing? Am I shooting for the stars and aiming for the fence? Is this just too much? Am I way out of my league here? I mean, who am I anyway?”

Get Immediate Access to Your Step-By-Step Plan Which Includes…

Important Details About Writers Masterclass

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We got your back. Everyone that writes a book, wants to publish that book. We cover this in the video course. Once you complete the course and write your book, one of your options would be to join the Messenger Publishing Academy–Step-by-step guidance to get your book published.

We guarantee that if you complete the Writers Masterclass course and still are not able to write your book, we will issue you a full refund.

It’s called the Writing Made Simple Plan for a reason. Just log in and start your course. It’s very simple to follow and guaranteed to work.

Not at all. This is designed to do on your schedule. You can join live or catch the coaching replays.

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Your Writers Masterclass has 6 tracks+ Bonus sessions. Each track is designed to take you step-by-step through our Writing Made Simple Plan.

  • Track 1: Logistics | On-Demand Videos+ Workbook
  • Track 2: Vision | On-Demand Videos+ Workbook
  • Track 3: Outline | On-Demand Videos+ Workbook
  • Track 4: Writing | On-Demand Videos+ Workbook
  • Track 5: Editing | On-Demand Videos+ Workbook
  • Track 6: Editing | On-Demand Videos+ Workbook
  • Track 7: Finish Line | On-Demand Videos+ Workbook

Attending the coaching sessions live is not required. You can complete the entire course successfully, and write your book without the live coaching. The Live Coaching Events are the 1st Thursday of every month at 12:30 PM Central | 1:30 PM Eastern. The replays are available the following business day in your member’s dashboard. 

Settle Who You Are and Embrace God’s Call to The Messenger Life

Take out the guesswork and get a step-by-step plan that’s guaranteed to work.